Alternative Market Insurance

Did you know that more than 50% of the insurance market in the United States has moved into the Alternative Market Insurance arena?

Well managed companies are tired of subsidizing high risk and poorly managed companies and are fleeing the traditional market by moving to the Alternative Insurance Market.

Has your broker introduced you to the Alternative Insurance Market?

You may be asking yourself this, “If the Alternative Insurance Market is so good then why hasn’t my broker explained this incredibly valued market to me?”

Two reasons…99% of brokers have never taken the time to learn and understand Captives and therefore they cannot present this concept to their client base as an alternative to traditional insurance.

Second, because brokers’ commissions are typically less in the Alternative Market than traditional insurance market policies.  Most brokers do not want to explore this avenue despite it bringing value to their client.  Additionally, no contingent bonus is paid to brokers in the Alternative Market but is paid in the traditional market.

Alternative Insurance is no longer just for Fortune 500 Companies. They are now available to employers like your company with portfolio premiums as little as $250,000.00.

We are not interested in bidding your insurance for placement in the traditional insurance market. We let the other insurance brokers do that.

Benefits of Alternative Insurance

  • Alternative Insurance Solutions are owned by its members and is fronted by an A+ Excellent A.M. Best Rated Carrier.
  • Unlike traditional insurance programs, Alternative Insurance Solutions give you the ability to control your own destiny and finances.
  • Alternative Insurance Solution members own the company, so the profits are distributed to the members.
  • Profits include investment income on premiums paid.
  • You are no longer grouped together with unknown risks because you have selected your partners.
  • No more adverse selection.
  • Premiums are developed from competitive composite rates established from your own claims experience. We do not utilize New Jersey state approved rates utilized by traditional insurance carriers.

Let JAMES A. CONNORS ASSOCIATES create your next profit center by exploring this opportunity.

We have a passion for creating opportunity…


Have questions? We have answers. Tell us what you are looking for.  One of our experienced brokers will reach out with coverage options and answers.