Credit Receivable Insurance


You just received a large, profitable order, but the customer is requiring open payment terms.

You can extend the credit. However, you face the RISK of considerable loss should the payment not be made due to bankruptcy, or slow payment that may lead to a default, or the political circumstances in the foreign country where the customer is located.

A Credit Insurance Policy can cover these risks and provides Policyholders with additional tools to manage their Accounts Receivable operations:

  1. Protection for your Accounts Receivable from non-payment by customers in the US and/or worldwide, including coverage for Political Risks in foreign countries.
  2. Feedback from the insurance carrier regarding the credit worthiness of your current and prospective customers.
  3. Updated economic and political data about the credit situation in foreign countries.
  4. Having your Accounts Receivable insured enables you to negotiate larger lines of credit, better terms and rates with your financial institution.
  5. In many cases, Credit Insurance premiums are lower than Letter of Credit issuance costs, enabling you to be more competitive in bidding situations. 

Credit Insurance policies offer many options and combinations to fit everyone’s needs anywhere in the world. The challenge is to create the best combination that provides the insured with the broadest coverage available at the lowest possible costs.

Ms. Adi Hochman, Vice President has many years of experience in providing Credit Insurance programs to US domestic and multi –national corporations, helping their business grow.

James A. Connors Associates provides access to all major Trade Credit insurers in today’s market. Using our knowledge, experience and strong relationships with our carriers, we can design the best solution for your specific operation and credit insurance needs in the United States and worldwide.

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Basic Facts About Credit Insurance Policies

Basic Facts About Credit Insurance Policies

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Trade Credit Insurance Flyer

Trade Credit Insurance Flyer

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