Join Our Product Team

James A. Connors Associates, Inc. was founded by James A. Connors, Sr. in 1972, with roots going back to 1925.  The Company continues with superior growth under the leadership of James A. Connors, Jr., and continues to enjoy a reputation as an industry leader providing a unique sales culture for the entire production team offering exclusive contractual ownership opportunities.

Additionally, our network of carrier representation is unmatched, providing our marketing team extraordinary market penetration which ultimately result in the most competitive pricing and superior coverage options providing our production team with continued opportunity for substantial growth in their book of business.

When you join James A. Connors, Associates, Inc, you join a rich family heritage more than forty years in the making.  We invest heavily and are greatly supportive of our sales culture and have created the most dynamic professional contractual sales contracts in the industry.

We are constantly searching for sales professionals to join our production team.  For a confidential discussion call our Chief Operating Officer, Jim Stanek, CIC, for a conversation on how James A. Connors, Associates, Inc., can improve your current position in the insurance sales environment.

James A Connors Associates, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and hires Producers without regard to race, color or creed.

Contact:  James P. Stanek, CIC, COO, on his direct line at 973.871.1530.

Integrity is our brand.