Everybody In the Pool Wait Are You Ready?


Warm weather has us itching to get outdoors.   And opening a homeowner's swimming pool is high on the Honey Do List.

But, before you say "Everyone In the Pool", here are some tips to keep you, your family, and your visitors safe and protected.

  • Check your pool supplies - especially the expiration dates on the water treatment chemicals.
  • Carefully remove the pool cover by pumping excess standing water on the top, clean it thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Inspect walls and liners for punctures or tears, scrub and clean wall. Check the deck area around the pool to fix any tripping hazards.
  • Replace plugs, and reinstall pumps, filters, or other items and fittings that were removed at the end of the previous season.
  • Check the sure drain covers are in place and properly installed.  Make sure the covers protect children, in particular, to prevent body parts or hair from becoming trapped in the drain due to suction.
  • Analyze the water quality and add treatment chemicals as needed to adjust the chlorine, pH and alkalinity to desired levels.  Make sure to read the manufacturer's usage instructions.
  • Run pump continuously at the beginning of the season until the pool water is clear and balanced.
  • Reinstall and tightly secure any ladders, railings, diving boards or slides.
  • If you haven't installed a fence around the pool, do so with a latched/locked gate.

If you have just installed a new pool, please call us or click on the button below and we will provide you with a quote to make sure that you are covered for liability and property damage.

And have a great Spring and Summer!

Source:  NSF Consumer Information