At James A Connors Associates We Speak Insurance (and a number of other languages as well!)

At James A. Connors Associates we speak the language of insurance.  We were founded on the principles of communicating with our clients and offering professional, honest, and personal service.  These values have been a key driver to our success since 1925 – and will continue for generations to come. 

Now – we are pleased to announce we are able to assist clients who may be more comfortable speaking Spanish or Polish.  We have team members who are fluent in these languages and are at the ready to assist clients with their insurance needs.

Ms. Gryczynska speaks fluent Polish and started her career in the insurance industry in 1997.  She has extensive experience in both personal insurance and business insurance.  She is a welcoming person and whether she greets you in English or Polish – you will immediately know your needs are being handled by a true insurance professional.

„Mówię po polsku i bardzo chętnie Państwu pomoge”

Ms. Lopez is fluent in Spanish and is at the ready to help clients who may be more comfortable talking about their insurance needs in Spanish.  Ms. Lopez brings a vast wealth of experience in the business world as a successful small business owner, loan officer, real estate agent, paralegal and insurance agent. She works with both individuals and businesses in helping them with their insurance and risk management needs.

Hablo Espanol. Puedo Ayudarle con su Seguro, Comercial, Casa, Auto y de Vida.

Please contact either one of these two associates for help with your insurance needs.