James A. Connors Associates, Inc. is not like other insurance brokers.

We require our production team to become technical experts in your business before coverages are recommended. Our teams are required to collect key data to input a significant risk assessment study. Throughout this study we assemble the best internal team to ensure broad coverage and aggressive pricing is coupled with the right services.

All our clients automatically become members of Connors Consulting Solutions which provides them with expert-driven answers in diverse areas of business concern, including: Corporate law; State Law; Safety Compliance; Immigration Law; Taxes and Accounting; Human Resources and many other areas of expertise.

Has your broker offered you an algorithmically based worker’s compensation claim engineering process to lower claim costs? Do you know your Unit Statistical Filing Date? Our services are specifically designed to put deflationary pressure on and disrupt the revenue models of the three primary exploitive parties in the worker’s compensation system – the doctors, attorneys, and payers. We will substantially lower your experience modification factor in just one year.

Does your broker offer fully integrated cyber products and services to protect your business and your family against ever-increasing cyber threats? We offer a simple and intuitive, yet robust approach to your business and family cyber protection with full life cycle cyber services plus best-in-class risk mitigation tools at affordable prices. We simplify the entire process for you, no lengthy application, only a few simple questions.

Our production teams remain in leadership roles with their clients and their internal teams for the life of the relationship. 

Few Brokers can match our presence. We apply the experience, depth, and resources of a national broker through integrated, multi-disciplinary teams.

Have questions? We have answers. Tell us what you are looking for today. One of our experienced brokers will reach out with coverage options and answers.