Worker’s Compensation Division

Reimagine your business partnering with a Worker’s Compensation Broker who is truly different.  Take power back from the system!

Our Process

  1. Sign authorization letter, authorizing N.J. Worker’s Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau (NJ CRIB) to release to us your Worker’s Comp statistical worksheet.

(Click on hyperlink above, sign and return to us.)

  1. Four (4) year loss runs.
  2. Premium amount of your current Worker’s Comp premium.

If you do not have and do not wish to call your current broker for your loss runs, we have the ability to contact your carrier to have these released to us, normally within 3 days of our request.  In our letter requesting these we are very specific to advise the carrier of the confidentiality of the request  and specifically state that they are not authorized to notify the broker of our request. 


The Next Step

Upon our receipt of your data, we have a 2-3-week period to prepare our presentation for you.

Our office will contact you for an appointment to present our proposal.

The presentation typically lasts for 1 hour and will provide you with our written plan on how our method will benefit you.

You may join us in our Morristown Headquarters conference room or if you prefer, we will arrange a ZOOM meeting.

Our method is proprietary algorithmically based Worker’s Compensation claim engineering system that is the only type of its kind that will benefit your company and drive your experience modification factor down and keep it there.

Our Medical staff will manage your claims from start till we get the claim closed at the least cost to you, GUARANTEED!


Have questions? We have answers. Tell us what you are looking for today. One of our experienced brokers will reach out with coverage options and answers.