Surety Services


The ability to be bonded can be a major factor in the success of your business. We partner with you to help you manage the relationship with your bonding company.

At James A. Connors Associates we help you to create customized strategies to maximize your Surety solutions. With more than 90 years of property and casualty insurance experience in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and across the country, James A. Connors Associates knows the risks associated with your business. That knowledge can direct your Surety strategies, giving you an advantage when venturing into the bond market.


In any market, relationships are critical in securing Surety support. James A. Connors Associates has a solid understanding of our clients’ businesses which has help develop long-term relationships and trust with many leading Surety companies. From mid-sized contractors to large developer, our relationships foster a high level of service and lead to solving your Surety needs.

Integrity is our brand